Top 6 Tools For Creating An MVP (Designers’ Choice)

Top 6 Web App Builders Designers Choose To Create An MVP Or An App Prototype In 2021

You can create and design a functioning prototype, or a minimal viable product (MVP), on your own, whether you’re an experienced product designer or just starting out. It doesn’t matter if you know web design, UI/UX, or coding. Because of the presence of visual app builders, this is now feasible.

In 2020, we’ve created a list of the most popular visual web app development platforms among UI/UX designers. Some of these app design and development tools have more features than others. Some platforms encircle you, while others let you download your app code and go your own way. When looking for your ideal partner, think about everything.

Let’s take a look at how app builders and designers produce MVPs and prototypes: they’re clear, basic, and feasible enough to demonstrate genuine value while costing very little and requiring absolutely no technical expertise (like you can do in Webflow, for example).

Bubble is a full-stack app development platform that lets you build pixel-perfect online apps. You may create apps for social networks, SaaS, markets, and more.

An easy-to-use UI with a drag-and-drop editor.
Design that is mobile-friendly.
There are both free and paid templates available.
The capacity to develop hybrid mobile applications.
There are about 1,000 plugins with which you may link your app.
Javascript allows you to alter the code.
To link the developed app to databases, SQL Database Connector is offered.
The ability to use the domain to deploy and host your app.

There is no way to export the code.
A limited set of features are accessible for free.
For each new app, you must purchase a different plan.
The user interface is quite complicated, making it tough for a beginner to get up to speed.
There is no way to host an app on your own domain.

Fluid UI is a platform that assists designers, developers, and product managers in wireframing and designing apps, as well as building minimal viable products, by providing pre-built UI kits for Wireframing, Material Design, and more.


Pre-built UI Kits for Material Design, iOS, Windows, Wireframing, and more include over 2,000 built-in components.
The ability to include pre-existing graphics into your prototype.
The ability to create and develop interactive app prototypes using mouse and touch movements.
A built-in function for gathering reviews and comments.
Apps for Android and iOS are available for download.
A QR code may be scanned with your smartphone to obtain a ready-made project.


The app code is not available for download.

Only for app prototyping; there is no way to create a fully functional web app with a responsive design.

You may only make one project for free.

UI Bakery is a visual app builder that lets you develop and design minimal viable products (MVPs), white-label apps, and fully functional web apps with associated data and APIs.

A highly user-friendly and easy-to-understand app creator.
Responsive design is a type of web design that adapts to the size of
Under the hood, there’s the Nebular Open Source UI framework and the Eva Design System.
A collection of pre-made layouts, widgets, and UI elements.
You may download the code to utilize an app outside of UI Bakery.
Free web app templates and dashboards with the option to request the one you want.
Within the platform, there are data connections and API integrations.
You may build an unlimited number of pages in a single project.


There is no way to create a backend on the platform.
For the time being, there are just a few third-party integrations available.
There are no reusable UI components available (yet).

Marvel is a prototyping and design tool for web apps that allows you to create interactive prototypes and MVPs without writing a single line of code.

A user-friendly and intuitive user interface.
Downloading assets and generating CSS, Swift, or Android XML code.
There is a large library of pre-made materials, pictures, and icons to choose from.
A working model that is not connected to the internet.
Integrations with third parties (Jira, Confluence, Sketch, Microsoft, and many others).
The ability to customize your processes using the GraphQL API.
A built-in function for user testing.
Built-in collaboration for real-time review and feedback collection.
There are several instructional papers and video lessons available.

You may only create one project for free.
A free plan only allows for one person to work on the project.
App branding is a premium feature.

Glide is an app-building tool that allows you to transform Google spreadsheets into simple apps without having to know how to code. You may use a customized template or create an app on top of a spreadsheet.

An easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor.
There’s a vast library of ready-made templates available, both for free and for a fee.
You may create applications with Google spreadsheets.
Onboarding is simple and does not require any technical knowledge.
Integration with Google and Zapier is available.
The domain now has a free app deployment function.

Custom branding comes at a cost.
For the time being, just a few integrations are accessible.
There isn’t enough customizing flexibility.
A free plan has limitations on the quantity of data rows that may be stored.
A free plan just includes a mobile layout.


AppSheet is an online app builder that allows you to develop and design full-featured mobile and desktop applications that are cross-platform compatible.

There is a significant selection of free ready-made templates available.
An app that has been built automatically adjusts to multiple screen sizes.
App branding that is unique to you.
There are integrations available with Salesforce, Dropbox, Amazon Web Services, and other third-party services.
On the YouTube channel, you’ll find useful videos, tutorials, and how-to webinars.
Offline method of operation.
Monitoring and administration of the application lifetime are built-in.

The requirement to pay for each end-user (“active user”) of your software.
There are only ten free users accessible.
You can utilize very limited development and design features for free.
To develop your app on your SQL databases, you’ll need to contact the support staff.

On A Final Note

The above-mentioned visual development tools significantly reduce the time it takes to get from product conception through MVP production to effective deployment. You may wish to export your app’s code and provide it to developers, allowing them to link a backend to a frontend you’ve developed, and so on. When selecting an app builder, make sure it provides you with as much development and design flexibility as you want.

There is a slew of additional visual web app builders that allow designers and developers of various skill levels to create MVPs before committing to a full-fledged project, allowing them to test their ideas without spending.

This list of the most popular visual app creators is intended to assist you in bringing your next software solution to life faster, simpler, and with less expenses and effort.

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