How to get business with blogging?

Blogging for Business

Setting it all up (From Scratch)

Creating a blog means finding themes,widgets and researching.Creating a blog means finding themes, widgets, and researching.
CMS: Use the WordPress, Drupal, and Wolf CMS. The advice can be found on youtube.
DESIGN: Use theme forest to get premium things…look on the CMS’s website
UX: special for those who seek the best

Branding Yourself

Decide who u are and what you want to become. You must be unique. A brand with extra colors for your letters. Watch out for the themes that appear like the power of the titles.

Content Creation

In order to create an audience, be very careful with your themes.
Whoever wants to do his job well should love his themes and content, because the audience depends on it.
Look at social networks in order to see what most people tweet.

Building your Audience

Try to be everywhere. Make comments on other peoples’ sites, go with communities, be social my friend.
Be relevant to SEO keywords…

Be Active in your Industry

  • Reply to your Audience
  • It’s very important to be active in your industry, if you want it, make sure you reply to every comment you have.
  • Answer to emails, take advantage of every opportunity in comments.
  • Add a Q&A or Forum to your blog.
  • Try to use youtube. Use it with any nice tools it is possible.

Building Links

In order to build links take into consideration every guest post!

The Business Bit

  • Prove your abilities
  • Show u are an authority figure
  • Show that you are respected

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