5 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins For Online Stores (FREE)

With the introduction of WordPress to the eCommerce scene, a new plugin is released practically every year to improve the online experience. As a consequence, it’s critical to pick the right plugin for your company, as a better platform provides more chances for growth.

WordPress is well-known for its easy-to-use content management system (CMS), and it has attracted a wide range of enterprises all around the world. This CMS was created with the intention of installing blogging websites. With the passage of time, however, many organizations have found it necessary to install a variety of websites, particularly eCommerce.

What factors should you think about while selecting a WordPress eCommerce plugin for your website?

In today’s market, there are several WordPress eCommerce plugins to choose from. However, not all plugins must offer a core set of capabilities that you’ll need to get your eCommerce site up and running. Some eCommerce plugins are suitable for selling digital goods like music, photographs, and other such items, while others are better suited for selling physical goods that require shipping and inventory management.

Here are some things to think about while selecting a plugin:

  • Choose a plugin based on the items and services you want to offer, as well as the capabilities you’ll need to operate your business efficiently.
  • Take into consideration the payment getaways that you will utilize to receive payments. Ensure that the plugins you choose support those payment gateways either by default or via add-ons.
  • It is impossible to have all of the features and functionalities in an eCommerce plugin. As a result, having addon plugins is the ideal option because it expands the capability of the eCommerce plugin.
  • Examine the plugin’s accessible support settings. You may want assistance from time to time, even if you employ a developer to work on the site. Ensure that the plugin you pick has a support system where you may obtain help.


In this post, we’ll go over some of the finest WordPress eCommerce plugins that can be used to improve the website and provide consumers with a hassle-free online buying experience.

The Top 5 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins in 2021

1) WooCommerce

WooCommerce by WooThemes is a popular WordPress plugin that promises to provide powerful eCommerce capabilities while also being elegant. It has a number of features, including a dashboard widget that enables tracking the growth of online enterprises more easier. It comes with a variety of payment methods, including cash on delivery, Paypal, Cheque, and many others. Aside from that, you may customize the plugin using a variety of extensions.

2) WP E-commerce

WP eCommerce was one of the earliest eCommerce plugins developed. This plugin has been at the #1 spot for the past 5 years, with over 2.5 million downloads. Flexible discount codes, cross-page promotion, free delivery choices, and many more features are included in this fully-featured WordPress theme.

3) Jigoshop

Because it was WooCommerce’s forerunner, there are certain parallels between the two in terms of user experience on both the front and back ends. With the assistance of this plugin, you can quickly and easily set up your online store with a wide range of options, including currencies, catalog options, limitless tax settings, and more.

4) Shopp

Shopp is one of the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugins. This plugin is fully compatible with about 50 payment systems, allowing businesses to select the best one for their online store. This plugin has been built using the newest technologies to be very safe and secure, with the goal of protecting the shop from any sort of breaching and hacking.

5) MarketPress

When it comes to a well-designed and easy-to-customize platform, MarketPress is the greatest plugin. This plugin has unique features and functions that make it easier for end-users to set up an online store and sell a variety of goods. Furthermore, it enables users to create beautiful websites in order to provide an excellent experience.


With these plugins, you may quickly dominate the internet business sector and establish a strong brand identity. I hope you find this list of WordPress plugins useful in setting up your online business. Please feel free to contribute your thoughts and ideas in the box below.

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